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Gator Breath is an exotic indica mix of Motor Breath and a unique phenotype of Triangle Kush also known as TK Bx1. California-based craft-cannabis specialists Jungle Boys are accredited for the creation of this formidable indica. Its’ intense, heavy-hitting effects are matched by its’ intoxicating aroma that brings out the profound gas or diesel-like notes of its’ Motor Breath ancestor.

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Jungle boys Gator Breath

Jungle boys Gator Breath. Otherwise called “Gator Kush,” is an uncommon Indica prevailing half-breed strain that is a relative of the Kush family, despite the fact that its accurate legacy can’t be affirmed because of raiser mystery. Indeed, even with the absence of data about its legacy, Gator Breath weed is one bud that is pursued its very high 22-23% normal THC level. The Gator breath weed high is really powerful in nature with full-bodied impacts that line on drowsy and Stoney in the event that you take excessively much without a moment’s delay. It’s anything but a euphoric lift that fills your brain with dim satisfaction, deleting any hustling musings or mental torments and supplanting them with unfocused reflective ideas. As your brain drops further and more profound into itself, a warming body buzz will crawl up on you, washing over every last trace of your body and leaving you feeling animated and somewhat stirred, albeit inconceivably loose. In blend with its high THC level, these impacts make Gator ideal for slaughtering the impacts of persistent pressure, melancholy, ongoing torment, mindset swings, and sleep deprivation. Gator has a sweet grape flavor with a fiery flower mint fragrance. This bud has uneven popcorn-molded backwoods green nugs with inadequate orange hairs and a covering of little brilliant gem trichomes.

Gator Breath by Jungle Boys

An extremely rare find, the Gator Breath strain is an indica dominant hybrid that was created by professional breeders and growers at Jungle Boys. An exotic cross that is shrouded in mystery, its ancestry is hard to trace, though what we do know is that it is a phenotype of Triangle Kush (aka TK Bx1) and is a member of the Kush family. Sometimes referred to simply as Gator, Gator Kush or Alligator Kush, this strain is also known to be a descendent of Motorbreath #2. With a potent high that is backed by a 23% to 25% THC average and complemented by super relaxing effects, this gassy, diesel-like strain is popularly sought after by indica lovers and medical users of cannabis due to its strong effects!

Effects of Gator Breath

The high with Gator Breath is a full-bodied one, though it initially first starts off with an uplifting cerebral high as you enter a state of euphoria and happiness. As your worries and negative thoughts or feelings are washed away, you’ll begin to feel a bit hazy and introspective. As the high progresses and you fall deeper into an unfocused, though deeply euphoric space, you’ll also notice a body buzz begin to spread throughout your limbs, leaving you feeling just as relaxed physically. Many users report that this strain can be an aphrodisiac as the body buzz can be arousing and stimulating, though it can also be more towards the sedative and couch-locking side instead if taken in larger doses, so be careful with how much you’re toking! Due to its myriad of heavy hitting effects both mentally and physically, Gator Breath is considered a highly effective strain in the medical cannabis community as it can help relieve and manage mood disorders, including stress, depression, anxiety and mood swings, and it is also beneficial for treating temporary or chronic pains and insomnia.

THC Content

Gator Breath by Jungle Boys is an indica-dominant hybrid that is reported to have a ratio of 70% indica to 30% sativa. Its THC content averages at 23% to 25%, though has been tested to reach as high as a whopping 33%! The parent Triangle Kush, a descendent of the worldwide famous OG Kush, is also an indica-dominant hybrid, though has stronger indica dominance with a ratio of 85% to 15% sativa. It has a THC potency average of 20% with 1% CBD. One of its ancestors, Motorbreath, is yet another indica-dominant hybrid strain with 70% indica to 30% sativa. Motorbreath #2 is a cross of Chem D and San Fernando Valley OG (also known as SFV OG) and has an astonishing high average of 28% THC! While there is much we don’t know about Gator Breath, with such genetics that we do know about, there is no wonder as to why it is such an amazingly potent and effective strain!

Appearance & Aroma

The buds of Gator Breath by Jungle Boys have a nice chunky and popcorn-like appearance. With different shades of green ranging from bright shamrock to pale moss with dark, greyish-blue tints and pale orange-brown pistils, the buds are definitely reminiscent of an alligator rising from a swamp. Its aromas and flavours are predominantly gassy and diesel, a nod to its Motorbreath lineage, though users will also notice a sharp and earthy pine flavour upon exhale as well as a refreshing mint!

This heavy hitting Indica dominant hybrid descends from Motor Breath and Triangle Kush. With pungent aromas of earthiness and diesel, Gator Breath delivers an intense, heady high and deep body relaxation.

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About this strain: Motorbreath

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Gator breath strain Review. 

Buy Jungle boys Gator breath. The jungle boys Weed brand has in recent years been voted to be one of the brands that produces some really good weed genetics. Gator breath is one of those Jungle boys strains which has been loved by many stoners. This strain is an Indica dominant Hybrid strain. The strain is a cross of Motor Breath x Triangle Kush. Hence, you can imagine how potent this strain can be. Bearing in mind that it is a product of such two great strains. Gator breath THC level stands at about 25.6%. Hey!!! do you see how high the THC level of Gator breath is?. Therefore, it is not a strain to be played with. Total fire a strain I must say.

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Appearance of  Gator breath strain By Jungle boys.

Gator breath strain has a Sweet Tropical Trash smell. Yeah that’s some gas strain man. Lovers of this strain have testified that the Aroma of the strain is a killer. Hence, a reviewer of this strain has this to say about the strain. “I’m surprised that this has such a neutral aroma & flavor. I am really digging deep for some of these notes here. Everything is extremely subtle, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a very smooth smoke, and seems to feature more of the White Fire #43 in the blend”. Therefore, why don’t you try this strain and get the experience. Thus, Buy Gator breath strain, Buy Gator breath weed, Buy Gator breath online, Buy Gator breath UK.

Medical benefits of the strain.

Gator breath weed is known to be a patient favorite strain. The strain is known to have many medical benefits as it helps solve many health problems. It is said  to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, and depression. Thus, Gator breath for sale UK, Gator breath for sale Germany, Gator breath for sale France.

Our Gator breath packaging. 

It should be noted that, at, we do ship out our Gator breath strain in their official jungle boys packs. Therefore, the prices on our website for this strain includes the price for the packs. Therefore, you don’t have to pay extra for these Gator breath bags. Isn’t that great. Then, what are you waiting for to place your order with us.

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Pisces Genetics combined the D version of legendary strain Chemdawg with the equally renowned San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG) to create Motorbreath. It’s a rare strain without much info except that it flowers in about 10 weeks and has a chemical, citrus flavor profile, according to online sources.

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